Using external keyboard as a piano keyboard

Hi guys, I am new to Cubasis and love what I see. A quick question: my music-making background (well, 20+ years ago) is in trackers like Impulse Tracker and Fast Tracker. With those, we entered notes using the keyboard – Q was C, 2 was C#, etc.

I get that Cubasis is optimised for touch. But is there any way to enter notes in this way?

Would be so much faster and more efficient than using the on-screen keys!



Here’s a crazy ‘work around’ for that using SunVox as an AUv3!(Superbly ‘Geeky’ Tracker).

As long as SunVox is the front most app it hijacks the connected BT keyboard and can using for example the MultiSynth module (any module will do) forward the key-stroke as midi notes to a host such as Cubasis.

I know it’s not ‘native’ keyboard support but works suprisingly well.
There is also another app that called Sidecar Midi Controller that can also be used for this…



Wow, thanks Samuel. I have Sunvox too. Will try these!