Using External Synth in Cubase 13 Elements

Hello all,
Please can anyone help, ive fairly new to this and for past couple of years have just been using VST Software Instruments. Ive recently bought my first hardware synth (Gaia 2) and would like to record either the audio into Cubase Elements 13 or at least if I record MIDI then to get it to play back whatever patch is selected on the Gaia 2. Ive been using Logic Pro and it’s as simple as anything using that, just create an External Instrument Midi track or an Audio Line in track. Using Cubase though I can’t work out how to do it. I understand there is an External Instrument tab on the Audio Connections on the Pro version of Cubase, but don’t really want to spend an extra 400 quid just to get this feature. From what ive read online it seems it’s something to do with creating a MIDI and Audio track but I cannot get any sound from the Gaia 2 this way as I’m not really understanding the routing connections. Most videos online explain in an overly complicated way for me, my set up is extremely simple. Im using a Mac Book Air M1 with a USB C cable going from the Mac to the Gaia 2. That is all. I can play the keyboard and hear sounds from VST instruments fine. It’s just I can’t hear the sounds from the GAIA 2.

Any help would be much appreciated
thank you all