Using foreign language Cubase with midi remote

Hi all
Is there a list of Strings used in the midi remote API, for all languages ?
The reason I ask is that I am using a script by @m.c. and, for example, the arg3 returned by this call :


is equal to "Bars+Beats" in an English version of Cubase, but is equal to "Mesure" in a French version of Cubase.
Since I write a script for both versions for different friends, the best solution would be to have a table and retrieve the correct string using an index, but at least if I know where to find that information, it would be really helpful.

And btw I have no idea how @m.c. found the “Bars+Beats” string info (in a document? spying the MIDI flow ?..). It should be in a document.

I had to log everything, not just this event. Even if there was documentation, I would still log.

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I understand. But this is so sad…
Anyway it seems that the “Bars+Beats” thing above is the only place where I have this problem in your code. So it’s easy to fix.
Still I think all this should be documented. I guess I’m too old-school…

Note that I used bars+beats in order to avoid parsing the locator string, so that it might be faster. But this is just an assumption and we can always make it work without checking for arg3, just properly checking arg2’s format.