using groove agen with different controller other than maschine and different DAW (studio One)?

I currently have groove agen but don’t have a drum pad controller, just my MIDI keyboard. I have been using Cubase but am probably going to change to Studio One (presonus). So my question is will I be able to use Presonus Atom drum pad to play Groove agent. If so do I have to use cubase to record these sounds or can I do it in Studio One. Also, is it possible to use groove agent as a stand alone with no DAW.

You will have to have full version of Groove Agent(not SE) to use in another DAW as a vst. >use Google translate from English<

Studio one artist you will need the vst rewire add on.
With studio one pro I know you can use halion SE and even padshop.
I believe you can use groove agent SE as well.
You can download the studio one professional trial and test it.

Everybody is switching to studio one,I will be leaving Cubase behind due to them not supporting my Mac old os.