Using Group tracks in Atmos. Will it render "properly"

Will this routing be correctly rendered as an object pan in Atmos ADM export?

Lots of panning!
Audio track as Atmos objekt to 7.1.4 Group track (not an Atmos object) , to Render (Master) Atmos 7.1.4

I cant check if it panning renders properly, and not in the audio part of the ADM export but, as an Atmos object …

My understanding: you can route multiple 7.1.2 tracks into a 7.1.2 group, and multiple 7.1.2 group tracks to the final 7.1.2 master bed (defined as Bed in ADM). Its looks like a standard routing.
But for objects, I think it’s different, an Atmos object is a single mono track or a stereo object is a stereo track with spatialization metadatas. So you can also create an object from a stereo group track.