Using Groups and VCAs best export method ?

Wrapping up a score project with alot of tracks and I discovered that I can’t export mix downs from VCA tracks, it’s not an option available , so for those who do film or post, commercial work, can you chime in here, are group tracks then the best way to render stems such as guitars, drums, fxm synths, etc ?

I don’t use group tracks right now but I have an extensive amount of VCA tracks…

If I set up groups then should I send only the groups to VCA tracks for mix level purposes only and export from groups…

So in this case 12 guitar tracks go to guitar group , and guitar group is assigned a VCA.


VCA are not a tracks. Lets think about the VCA as a controller.

Gotcha, do you assign your VCA s to groups ?

I don’t use VCAs, it doesn’t fit to my workflow. I would use it, if it would be possible to make a “n-to-n” routing, but you cannot assign one track to multiple VCAs.