Using groups and VCAs together

For you heavy hitters doing music or film and mixing for post, are you exporting stems in batch through group channels, and using VCA to control the groups?

I have a large film score and discovered VCA tracks can’t be exported as stems, I didn’t set up groups.

I posted in cubase forum but the knowledge is here in this forum, Using cubase 8.5, but my question is general and about best practices to deliver stems so please don’t delete.

Example, 12 guitar tracks are assigned to guitar group, and guitar group is controlled by guitar VCA. Is this how you do it? Or is there a more efficient way. I need to move fast.

You’re going to need to use groups/outputs for stem exports or you can set up stem groups and use direct summing to route to multiple destinations for your stem exports without having to re-route your session.

Re: VCAs/Groups, It all depends on what’s required - VCA, Group, Link Group, or a combination.

You might have source tracks which are automated and then fed to a group for additional processing. Using a VCA to control those source tracks are going to allow you to raise/lower those faders (including automation) which a link group couldn’t but if you have certain processing on the group they’re being sent to (e.g. dynamics) then using the VCA fader for overall level is going to change how that processor reacts.