Using GSI’s VB3-II With Cubase & MacOS

I’m using GSI’s VB3-II VSTi with Mac OS 10.15.7. VB3-II uses a configuration file (MidiMap.xml) that saves the applications default presets. When I “MIDI-Learn” controller settings to my hardware from the standalone instance of VB3 and then open the VSTi through Cubase I have to “MIDI-Learn” those settings all over again. Once that’s done, opening the VSTi from Cubase thereafter works fine. However, when I open the stand alone instance, all the “MIDI-Learned” settings are lost and have to be reset. Once that’s fixed from the stand alone version, those settings are lost when loading the program through Cubase.

Has anyone else using VB3-II experienced this issue. How can I resolve this strange behavior.


I would ask the plug-in vendor, in this case. It’s up to the manufacturer to handle this plug-in/stand alone presets. It is nothing to do with Cubase.

I did contact the vendor and this was our exchange:

“This sounds much like a sandbox thing, as if Cubase was running in its own sandbox that doesn’t refer to the actual hard drive. So… what if you export the map file on your desktop from the standalone app? Can you see the file icon on your desktop? And can you later import it from the plugin within Cubase?”

My response:
"I ran VB3 II, re-Learned the controls from my controller keyboard and exported the MidiMap.xml file to my desktop and was able to get to it from the VST while in Cubase; however, when I loaded the file, my keyboard control was not able to control the assigned parameters of VB3 II (drawbars, switches, knobs, …)

I’ll look at some Cubase online forums for what others have done to solve this problem and let you know what I find out."

It’s a fantastic plugin. I often use it within Cubase, but sometimes like to play it live in stand-alone mode.


Thank you for the details.

Sorry, I’m not plug-in developer and I don’t have a deep knowledge in this area. But as far as I know, there is own built-in MIDI-Learn system in VST3 standard. So the developers can/should use this system for VST3 plug-ins. In VST2.x standard, there was no MIDI-Learn feature. So every single plug-in developer has to do it by himself.

Now, the question is, if the plug-in is VST3 or VST2. If it’s VSt3, does it use the VST3 standard system or is it using own way?

Per the documentation (2018) it is VST3. It’s one of the more popularly used VSTs for Hammond B3. Perhaps some other VB3 users can chime in here regarding their experience with the plugin.