Using Guitar rig 5 and Cubase

I am using guitar rig 5 and was wondering how other people are using it set it up within cubase.

at the moment I use it as an insert on an audio track but if I have several tracks this can add up to many insert for each track and hogging memory.

so I have been experimenting by adding it as a vst instrument and assigning it in the send of the audio tracks to use it!

the problem is that if I reduce the volume of the audio track it reduced to send signal to the vst instrument and changes the overall effect (i.e. the signal dries up)

the only way I can get over this is the assign the audio track to a group buss of it’s own and adjust the volume via the group fader. but this can get very congested with lots of group tracks

can anyone offer any other suggestions

many thanks!

There is an option to make a Send a pre-fader Send. That might help.

thanks for you reply…

I’ve tried this but the channel fader becomes usless! i.e. does nothing :frowning:

setting a send to pre fader doesn’t disable the track fader. However, you could be swamping that track with the amp track you are sending to, to the point that you can’t hear the guitar source track. Easy check. solo the guitar track and mute the track you sending to. Move the fader up/down. Should work.