Using Halion 6 as a plugin

I have just installed Halion 6 trial version, with the intention of purchasing Sonic 3 in due course. When I run Halion 6 as a standalone it works well, but not at all as a plugin within Dorico 2 pro. I get sound when mousing over the onscreen keyboard but my Kawai ES110 does not appear to be connected to the plugin. I have examined the manual, but it seems to be lacking in such basic matters. I would appreciate some help, as I have a big project in preparation …

Thanks in advance.

iMac Mojave, Kawai ES110 midi over bluetooth.

Is your Kawai switched on and connected before launching Dorico?
Also, in the Dorico Preferences, is the option “Enable MIDI Input” ticked?

yes to both; the keyboard works properly using Performer, Halion SE and The Grand…

Try going to Play mode, and select the player that is connected to the desired plug-in. I think that’s what I did to enable keyboard input. It will stay that way when you change back to Write mode.

HALion 6 does work with Dorico the same way as HALion SE or The Grand. Make sure the MIDI assignment is set up correctly and matches between Dorico and HALion; see the red circled areas in the attached picture.

Thank you!