Using HAlion on a Spitfire Dorico Template

Hi there!

Created a film scoring template on Dorico using a BBC Core template from Spitfire as my foundation.

With all the BBC core instruments loaded, I have a couple instruments I had wanted to supplement with Halion sounds. However, even if I set the default for new instrument sounds to Halion in Dorico preferences, new instruments introduced in the setup menu do not pick up Halion and remain blank.

Curious if there is a work around for this or if I would have to manually enter and setup Halion since it seems the default preferences are overridden. Feel like there should be a way to work more effectively between library sounds and have the default feature actually work if manual entry ends up being necessary.

Is manual entry necessary for these kind of templates?


It’s not entirely clear what you are trying to do. Are you wanting to substitute a Halion sound for a BBC sound, or use instruments from Halion that don’t exist in the BBC library?

Second, is this a one-off or do you expect to use this in other projects (the best approach might be different)?

At a minimum, the BBC template does not load Halion, so you will need to add Halion to your VST rack, load sounds into Halion, assign the instruments and set the correct Halion expression map to each instrument.

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Hey Janus,

Thanks for the reply. I am more so wanting to supplement my BBC library that is already loaded onto this template with some Halion sounds for instruments that arn’t included in the original BBC Core library (the second option you suggested). The issue is that they won’t automatically default new instruments as Halion sounds like they typically do in other projects and they remain blank. Just curious as to what broke that pathway as the default is still set as Halion for new inst.

I believe that since I’ll be working with the BBC Core library a good amount, this won’t be the only time I’ll be doing this since I enjoy having this library loaded for playback. Just wanting to streamline my template so that it uses Halion for any new instruments added.

Right, so you should (at least) create a playback template that includes both BBC and Halion. In play>playback templates… duplicate the BBC template and add (automatic) the HSSE+HSO endpoint below the BBC entry. Save it with a meaningful name. Then when you add an instrument that BBC does not have, it will try to find (and load) a suitable one in Halion.


Janus you are a Dorico legend amongst us thank you :pray: