Using hardware effects in Cubase

I’d like to find out how to use a hardware effect with Cubase.

These are the facts:

I have a Lexicon Lambda interface with 2 main outs (usually connected to monitors) and 4 inputs and I use Cubase LE4.

I also have an ancient Lexicon PCM70 digital reverb that, despite its age, still sounds great. It has a single input and separate left and right stereo outputs and that’s all.

Presently, I have a very primitive method of using the PCM70 – simply by taking recorded tracks and sending them from one of the main outs of the Lambda into the PCM70 input and then taking the stereo outs from the PCM70 and running them back into the 2 of the Lambda inputs and recording a 100% wet stereo track in Cubase. Then I mix that 100% reverb track with the original tracks, using the slider to control the amount of reverb in the mix.

It would be better if I could somehow connect the PCM70 to the Lambda, so I could use it somewhat like a VST plug-in.

After I have recorded tracks (and Lambda’s in/outs are free), does anyone know how I can set up a send from a channel(s) in Cubase out to the PCM70 and then return the stereo outs to Cubase, hopefully being able to use the send levels to control the amount of reverb on the particular track(s)???

redavide: I don’t think “Cubase Le4” can do what you want. You need
“EXTERNAL FX” which is located in VST Connections.
Cubase 4-5 and 6 has this. Cubase Le4 doesn’t.
In the past with Cubase Le4, I would record with effects. Also an
old Anolog technique was to record with effects but make sure
the effect was on it’s own track or tracks with the instrument dry on it’s own track.
I Still use this technique abit.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ps: The effects in Cubase 6 are awesome :wink:

Halljack is right, unfortunately the Lambda only has 2 outs, otherwise you could have kludged a scenario together.

C6 has External FX routing but you would still need at least another output from the interface to act as a send.

Oh… by the way I have a PCM70 as well, great units and still use it too :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would I need another out? Can’t I do it somehow with one of the 2 outs on the Lambda?

Would you not want to listen to the music in stereo?

Yes, I would want to listen in stereo – but only after I finished mixing and mastering (in other words, when the 2 outputs would again be free for the monitors). What I was wondering was whether I could use one of the 2 outputs of the Lambda to send the signal to the PCM70 and return it through a Lambda input while monitoring through the headphone jack.

Any thoughts?

The headphone output is just a paralleling of the main outputs, so you would have to set up 2 mono outputs, one output for monitoring and one output for a send FX. Doable but far from ideal.