Using Hit Points To Make Cubase Follow Recorded Track Tempo

Ok - I THINK this is possible, but I can’t seem to make it happen. I’ve used Cubase quite a bit for audio recording and mxing, but am a complete nube at hit points and MIDI (but learning!). I want to create a score of horn parts for some horn players I know who don’t play by ear, for an upcoming jam session. I know - that makes me an enabler. This means I will input horn parts from a keyboard via MIDI, then transcribe it to the horns’ key, and view / print it as a score. I’ve scored some piano parts input in MIDI and it is a very cool function. To input the horn parts I want to play along with the original audio (unlike the horn players, I do play by ear). So, I want the Cubase internal tempo to adjust to and follow the human tempo of a prior recording which breaths. The prior recorded audio is not a consistent tempo (damn those human recording artists of the 70’s). I imported the audio recorded track, but hit points did not seem to identify parts. So I recorded a discrete MIDI conga hit on every beat, manually as I listened along, and sliced that track. That sliced up fine. I sliced and closed, but the internal tempo did not follow the sliced track. How do I get the Cubase internal tempo to follow the human tempo? Thanks in advance for any help!

(Cubase Essential 5 user)

You may have tap tempo?

But I always do this sort of thing manually (well untill I got C6) look up tempo warp, if Essential has that feature?

Look up Warp Tabs and Groove Templates.