Using Hitpoints as Audiowarp points

Hi Guys… I tried to search to see if anyone answered this before but couldnt find the right answer.

I would like to know what I click (the method) to use hitpoints Ive allocated against an audio track as audio warp markers… is there some way I can use the detection, then edit hitpoints till im happy… then click into audio warp?

The reason I need to do this is im not happy with the quantisation automation in cubase 6.5 (i tried 7 too)

im still using 6.5 till all my current projects are finished then… ill jump into 7.

Thanks for anyone who can help. If you can explain exactly which buttons I click i’ll be very grateful

Cheers :smiley:


Yes, and it´s all there in plain text in the Hitpoints tab of the sample editor - pretty self-explanatory, really…

ok… so im now in cubase 7 trying this… which I found much more easier to figure out how to generate the warp points from hit points… but now… is there a way to make the warps quantitize?