Using hitpoints from audio track in MIDI key editor?

Is this possible? I want to use the hitpoints from my bass guitar track to compose notes in the MIDI key editor.

You can create Markers from Hitpoints. Then, you can use In Place Editor for MIDI editing, and check your markers.

Hi, :slight_smile:
Amongst other things you can also do this.

  • Double click bass track and use the hitpoint slider to create the hitpoints.
  • Use the “Create Groove” button to create a “Groove Quantize Preset”.
  • Make sure that you have your quantization and grid settings set to, “Use Quantize”.
  • Now you can jump the curser to your hitpoints with Control+ Num+ and Control+ Num-

The grid is now set according to your hitpoints so you can also draw in the notes in the keyeditor on the grid. You can also record midi and quantize to your hitpoints.


Awesome, thanks for the information.

I discovered another method last night too, though I don’t know if it’s the most efficient. First I get the hitpoints in my bass track, then I use the Extract MIDI option in the track edit window. I have to go through and move the notes around in the MIDI key editor, but they seem to be in the right places. I will compare methods to see which one is best. Either way, I’m sure I’ll learn something new by just trying out different functions in Cubase.