using hitpoints to create a midi click track

Hi there, I have a question
Basically I am in the process of creating some backing tracks for live use with my band, now I use a website to download some backing tracks, and within the tracks I download I also download the click track that come with the rest of the tracks, I load all the individual tracks into cubase and then get rid of tracks I dont want eg drums, bass vocals etc
My question is, the click track that comes with the files is kind of irritating, as Im the drummer I have it blaring in my ears all night when we gig, I was wondering if there is a way I can use that click track, and create hitpoints or something from the click track and then use those hitpoints to create a midi track identical to the original click track, then I can select the sounds I want to use for the click track from my midi plugins… obviously I need the midi track to be the exact same time as the original click track so that it keeps the whole track in time

Any help would be awesome thanks!


You can create a MIDI track directly from the click track in the Sample Editor > VariAudio.

Sorry I should of mentioned I only have Cubase 7 elements so variaudio isn’t available to me. Any other. Ideas? Thanks


Can you see the Hitpoints tab in the Sample Editor, in the Elements version? Bottom of this tab, there are some buttons. Like for example Create MIDI Notes. This should also does the job for you.