Using HS3 without e-licenser

Now that the e-licenser is not required: Will it be possible to run Halion 6/Sonic 3 on my desktop pc (with Cubase and everything) AND to run Halion Sonic 3 for live perfomance on my laptop without having to move the e-licenser to the laptop (forgetting it half of the times and with the risk of loosing it, as well as blocking a USB port, that I could easily find alternative use for)?

Thanks in advance


The soft eLicenser will only allow one installation. We are totally aware that this limitation is not the perfect solution for the customers, but unfortunately for now, there is only the alternative of using the USB eLicenser.

BUT (not sure if I got it right) one will be able to:

  • Install Halion 6 full on desktop and authorize it via USB eLicenser or soft eLicenser (as usual, once on the USB eLicenser it won’t be possible to transfer the license to soft eLicenser; the contrary will be possible though)
  • create his/her custom instruments
  • install the new free Halion Sonic SE on a laptop (standalone/VST)
  • load and play (not edit) custom Halion 6 instruments (not full Halion 6 factory content) from the laptop.

In a sense, in the case of Halion 6 the users’ request to get more than one soft eLicense with the purchase will be a little less critical (I’d really like that for Cubase and Wavelab though: I have Cubase Pro AND an additional Cubase Elements license just for that…). Did I get it right?

PS if so, it’d be nice to get at least an additional “reduced” soft eLicense for just loading and playing (not edit of course) the full Halion 6 factory content on Halion Sonic SE.


Hi, sorry i not use soft-elicenser type before.
Just for clarify - Soft-elicenser are support some deactivation ?
I mean - the same as in soft-ilok protection - you can activate\deactivate your license unlimited amount times to the single PC, right ?

Just bumping myself…anyone willing to answer? TIA!

You got it!

Many thanks Matthias