Using Insert Mode without a Time Signature

Feature Request:

Using insert mode to change the duration of notes is one of Dorico’s most awesome features. However, it’s a little too awesome when the music has no time signature, because all the music shifts relative to the manually placed bar lines.

I would like to suggest than manually placed bar lines move with the notes next to them in Insert Mode. I think this is more important than preserving the arbitrary number of beats within a measure.

Yes, we agree with you. At the moment, insert mode affects only the current voice, but in future we anticipate adding new options for the scope of the insertion, allowing you to insert time into all voices of the current instrument, all instruments shuffling everything along, or all instruments increasing the length of the current bar.

That will indeed be most excellent. I was working on a piece without a time signature and I had to create fake barlines, add the time to both parts, shift the second part to get it all right, and then go back and delete the barlines. I was glad I was able to do it, but it was cumbersome nonetheless. It was the first time I had really used insert mode and I expected it to affect everything. I definitely see the genius in the way that it is set up now, but it will also be great to allow the options to expand everything at any given beat location and have all instruments and voices shift too.