Using instruments from 2 or more orchestras in the same score

I have done this in Sibelius, how does one set it up in DORICO? It is probably quite simple, but I have not found videos or articles on this.
For example, I want in the same score, one instrument per stave, in different 5-line staves:
The Taiko Drums and Timpani from NotePerformer,
The Timpani and cymbals from Vienna Symphoni Orchestra.
Some drums from SOUNDPAINT tom tom ensemble.
(I have used all these in DORICO, but always all instruments in the score from the same orchestra.)
Thank you.

Add all the VSTs you need in the rack, with the instruments you need (VST and MIDI tab in Play).
Route each instrument to the appropriate VST (and channel if needed) in the Track Inspector tab. Add appropriate Expression maps and Percussion Maps.

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