Using instruments (staff and sound with multiple VSTis) which are not existing in Player List


I have two questions.

  1. I intend to work including Korean instruments, but they are not on the list. Is modifying the names of the instruments after adding existing instruments in Player List the only way to use the instruments which are not existing in Player list in Setup mode?

  2. I want to test some instrument libraries of mine. Are the following steps correct to use all of these libraries in a flow?
    a. creating three harps solo players.
    b. pressing cmd + 5
    c. creating three VST Instrument on the right panel, e.g. as follows:

  • Kontakt into the first slot
  • UVI workstation into the second slot
  • NotePerformer into the third slot
    d. loading instruments into each VST
    e. allocating MIDI port and MIDI channel to each instrument. Slot 1 is MIDI port 1; Slot 2 is MIDI port 2; etc.
  1. Yes. At the moment you cannot create your own instrument types, or edit the built-in ones.

  2. Please read the documentation here.

Thank you!