using iPad (/ android tablet) to extend screen real estate

i’d love to hear about your experience extending your computer’s real estate (using cubase or nuendo) with an iPad or an android tablet… how do you incorporate this in your workflow? is there a working solution for android & cubase running on a PC?

and does airdisplay ( work reliably with an iPad b2b a PC DAW?

thank you.

I tried that with my Surface 2 Tablet. I forgot what the app was called but it allowed me to use my tablet as secondary screen (with touch) for my PC, or my PC screen as secondary for my tablet, as long as both are on the same network.
I quickly got rid of it though. It works but there’s a noticeable lag between the primary and secondary screen. This is especially annoying when using the tablet as 2nd screen for the PC, as it responds very slowly to your touchscreen.

The idea is nice and it would work if you just need the extra screenspace, but I would opt for a second monitor instead if you have the chance.

I see thank you. I am already running multiple monitors and thought i would move say my analyzer on the tablet. Hearing about the lag, it seems it makes more sense to either use the tablet with Steinberg’s mobile app (but I found that pretty useless), and get something like the Lilliput 7" screen for the analyzer (pretty pricey solution but far less than a standalone hardware analyzer display).