Using iPad app Chordion to control 2 instruments in Cubase 5

Ok so I’ve done a bit of searching around here and other places but can’t seem to figure this out completely.

I’m using an iPad app called Chordion that generates MIDI notes using chords pads and a scale keyboard. I have this connected to Cubase using rtpMIDI.

So far, the input works, but Chordion has the cool ability to assign the the chord pads and scale keyboard to different MIDI output channels. So I have the chords going out to channel 1, and scaled keys going to channel 2. However, I can’t seem to get my instruments to recognize just a single channel for this purpose. The output is going to both instruments at once, which is not the desired effect.

I tried using Input Transformer but I have to admit I’m not really certain what I’m doing. I’ve used IT on one instrument using the preset PASS 02 to avoid channel 2 being sent to instrument 1. And then I did the opposite on instrument 2, but this doesn’t seem to be filtering anything out. I still get output from channels 1 and 2 going to both instruments.

I never knew Input Transformer existed until I started searching around here, so maybe I’m doing this wrong. If anyone can offer advice to get this working correctly, I’d greatly appreciate it!