Using jBridge in Render Process

Hello. Happy New Year to all!
I just upgraded to 9.5 elements from 32 bit version of 9 elements. However, Wavelab Elements 9.5 does not come in the 32 bit version? My problem is that I’m still using Steinberg ME plugins with Free Filter being the favorite one. When I render a wave file through the ME Free Filter plugin, the file turns out very weird! The wave form looks spread out and it sounds like a slow motion sounding file! I must also ad that I’m using the jBridge to run the ME plugins because of no 32 bit Elements 9.5. Please advise. Thanks :frowning:

I can say Jbridge works OK. But it still a conversion. Also you can expext ME Free Filter to be the problem. If u have cubase, try Jbridge with ME on Cubase and see what it does there…

Thanks Denis for your reply. Sorry it took so long for me to get back. I forgot to mention that the Free Filter is coming into Wavelab Elements through a chainer (VB_ffx4.64) which is through the jBridge. I rendered the wave file with the VB_ffx4 with Free Filter bypassed, and the file was not garbled! So, you were correct. Now I will try to do this in Cubase as you have suggested to see what happens. I just love to do this work in Wavelab :frowning:. Would you happen to know of any plugin that’s out today that will simulate or do what the Free Filter does? I have gotten so used to that plugin! As a matter of fact, it was the very 1st plugin that I ever bought! Wow! Thanks for your help and tips.

The file rendered in Cubase clean. It actually worked correctly with the VB_ffx4 using jBridge. Wow. How can I get it to work in Wavelab? Cubase and Wavelab are both 64 bit programs, correct? Any ideas? Thanks