Using Key Commands and/or Macros to create track presets

I always mix down to 4 sub-busses and therefore assign every channel to one of four corresponding VCA faders. I also have each of these sub-busses assigned to solo/mute on the keypad from 1 to 4.

More often that not my projects exceed well over 100 tracks so if I miss assigning a VCA fader initially it can become painful to add them later. Enter current frustration.

Therefore what I would like to do is create a Key Command (say Ctrl + keypad number as per above) to create a new track using various predefined parameters (VCA fader assignment, colour, sub-buss routing, etc).

I’ve managed to save them as Track Presets and this takes care of the routing and the colour however doesn’t save the VCA assignment. I therefore think I need a macro combination to add VCA but I’m unable to see anything in the Key Commands list that would be suitable.

I’ve also had a play in the Logical Editor but can’t see anything helpful there either.

Any suggestions or guidance?

If you want to save the VCA assignments of the tracks you have to create track archives
instead of preset tracks

Ah ok, thanks for that.

Just having a look now and whilst it’s easy enough to import a Track Archive I don’t see any way to assign this to a Key Command. Or to clarify, Import Track Archive is indeed an option but it then takes me to the Windows file browser. Instead I’d like the second part of that function to automatically find which Track Archive I’m interested in (ie, Ctrl + 1 = track archive Xxxx, Ctrl + 2 = track archive Yyyyy, etc)

Open Key Commands

Example import Track archive VCA

just create archive tracks by family it’s very quick to then select the tracks you need…

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Ah, looks similar to ‘import tracks from other projects’ and could be manageable for my use.

I’ll have a play later, thanks!