Using Kontrol F1 with Groove Agent SE

Hi All

I am trying to figure out if I can use my Tractor Kontrol F1 pads to run Groove Agent SE 4 on Cubase Elements 8.

Is there anyone that can help me.

Many Thanks

Hi and welcome,

Switch the Traktor Kontrol F1 to the MIDI Mode (Shift + Browse (MIDI).

Now, you can use F1 as a common MIDI Device.

Thanks for your response. That much I have down but I’m trying to use the pads on the F1 to play the pads on the Groove Agent SE but I cant seem to get them to map and sync.

I can see the midi signal is registering on cubase Elements but I cant get to play the pads.

It seems, they are not in the correct octave. It would be necessary to transpose them. Unfortunately I don’t know, how to do this on F1 (and if it’s possible).

You could also Transpose it in Cubase by using Input Transformer.