Using Korg NanoKontrol Studio and project keep freezing


I got an issue of using Korg nanoKontrol Studio with wire and Bluetooth and found the same problem.

First, I’m using Cubase Pro 8.5.30 and setting controller as manual recommendation to pairing with Cubase. After that, when I’m moving fader and main knob too fast or frequent, Cubase project screen will freezing and can’t use any function except force quit a program but the sound still playing.

I’m not sure is this an Cubase issue or Korg software issue but I re-installing Korg program and driver for many times.

Hope that someone can troubleshooting this because it made this hardware totally useless. :frowning:

A link to Korg NanoKontrol Studio hardware:


Try to open any MIDI-monitor application (MIDI Monitor on Mac or MIDIOX on Windows), and try to send lots of data (moving fader and main knob too fast or frequent). Does this MIDI-monitor application point to anything?