Using Kushview Element or CARLA as a VST Remoting system.

Those with the budget would usually pick “Vienna Ensemble Pro” to be able to set up a compute workstation hosting VSTs to be connected to your main Cubase Rig, but it seems that both CARLA (kx) and ELEMENT (by Kushview) can also do it.

Element is free but a download costs a $2 fee:

Carla is found here:

I have now quickly tried both. There’s no tutorials anywhere on setting up Kushview Element as a host and then connecting to it over a network, only on using it on the same PC. both Carla and Kushview have OSC support. When enabled you set a port number and an IP address, and I believe this is how you remotely control and connect to it. But I could be wrong.

Has anyone done this successfully?

So far my opinion is that (a) Steinberg Cubase 10 doesn’t wanna see the Carla VST Plugin Host, or when it does see it, it loads it up as an empty window without any configurable UI, (b) Cubase can have Element as a VST plugin and that can be used to chain other vst effects and instruments into a composite instrument (using locally installed vsts) but there is no network midi out and midi in, and no comprehensive remote control system and no audio streaming system (like you would get with CARLA or JACK).