Using Line In's

Hi, would appreciate any assistance with this query. I have the AXR4U which I bought to replace 2 X Roland Octa-capture’s. Because of my routing, I now find it would be easier for me if I could send 8 outs on one of the Octa-captures to the 8 line in’s on the AXR as the line in’s, as I understand it have no pre-amps.

Having read numerous articles, this seems feasible, but the Steinberg manual seems to be silent on this issue. I’m a bit reluctant to plug it in and then find I have unknowingly created an issue. Any thoughts anyone??

Its not a problem to plug the Octa-captures in to the line ins. Just make sure if you’re using unbalanced cables you seld -10dbv on the mixer and +4dbu if you’re using balanced cables.

Are you doing this to utilise the preamps on the octacaptures?

Hi Manike,
thanks for the prompt response from you, much appreciated. Yes I want to use the Octa’s pre’s as just the 4 on the AXR is a bit limiting in some instances.
cheers Ian