Using LIVE to send data out to control an app


I would like to send OUT to, well, something, syncopated data that will control a immersive content on audience members mobiles.

The content users see on their mobile will be resident somewhere else, not in LIVE, I just need LIVE to sync or send some kind of data (start, stop, BPM?) to our app server. We can do the rest, I just need something OUT of LIVE.

Audience members download our app.
Audience members launch our app at the start of our performance.
Using LIVE, we send out- in real time- data that triggers our server to send content that displays lyrics and animated content on all the users mobile devices.

VST Live does not send to external urls. You might create a plugin that propagates whatever the plugin SDK provides, including timeInfo (tempo, started etc).

Thanks for answering.

It doesn’t need to be a URL, I just need to understand what data out LIVE can provide, if any.

I can develop the app myself, I just don’t want to start unless I can get a better understanding of what data, if any, I can get out of VSTLive.

One way of doing it, and I’m sure there are several, would be to have a custom VST plugin as a layer between Live and your platform.
Have you looked here?

Have you thought about using a layer to send a MIDI command and intercepting it with MIDIox? It has a scripting engine which might help.

.NET can also talk MIDI, there’s plenty of examples out there, and that will do most anything you want.

Or there’s this: a MIDI controlled relay, again you could drive it from a layer.
MIDI Solutions Relay MIDI Controlled Switch | Reverb.

Presumably you could also use DMX messages .