Using Logical Editor - Help?

First: If you cannot answer my question or if you feel the urge to rant about reading manuals or about “double-posting” - don’t. Stay away! Thanks.

The problem I need help with is simple:

I’ve recorded some playing on the synth to one midi-track in Cubase. The notes recorded are assigned to different midi-channels. Now, I want to edit (or copy) only the notes that are assigned to a specific midi channel. How can I most easily remove the notes assigned to the other midi-channels?

Must I use Logical Editor or is there some other way around this?

Thanks in advance for all help.

Dissolve part.

It’s in the manual :laughing:

Split, must Jesus make sure that all your tracks reach number one on every billboard in the world - thanks!

To others who have the same problem and might stumble upon this post, the process is (as simple as) this:

Select the track containing notes assigned to different midi-channels. Right-click and select MIDI, then select DISSOLVE PARTS, and voila… :smiley: