Using Loop Mash's Audio Outs

Loop Mash is a great program, but I (had) a question about handling its outputs in Cubase.

Answering my own question.
If using Loop Mash with multiple outputs activated, you can assign the Master Out to “No Bus” to remove it from the signal chain, then make it invisible in the track list and mixer to save space and reduce clutter. Alternatively, you can use Loop Mash’s individual outputs mixed together with the Master Out – parallel compression and other creative effects processing being some possible uses.

I like using Loop Mash with all the outputs activated (as needed), this lets me really work with the individual elements.

Here’s the thing. Loop Mash provides Eight Outputs, plus the Master Output. If I activate all eight outputs, I still have the Master Output. I see where this could open up some interesting possibilities, I like having a dedicated master out, but I’m not sure what to do with this output. I can mute it and remove it from visible, but I’m not sure what’s best here? I don’t want to have a track in Mute State when Mute is not needed – I’d rather not let unneeded signal pass through the audio system chain whenever possible.

Have you run into this aspect of Loop Mash use in Cubase? If so, what do you think is the best way to handle this? Thanks.


Yes, you are right, it’s forbidden to switch off the MixOut of LoopMash in the Activate Outputs.

Thanks for the confirming that, Martin. I thought it was odd for it to work that way at first, but then realized I can route the Loop Mash Master Out either to “no bus,” or use the output as an additional source. :slight_smile: