Using M AUDIO equipment VST Performance


I have a problem at low latency i.e. 192 or 256 my computer clinches and pips even when I am not recording… However when performing tasks at a high latency i.e. 1026 and beyond the computer is fine…

Information about my system follows: CPU Intel Due Core 2.88GHz, 1TB hard drive, Windows 7, Cubase 7 with latest updates and 8GB RAM

Also when I bring on the VST performance the computer at stand still, STILL pips and peaks…

If anyone has any thoughts let me know.


I would suspect the M-Audio unit’s drivers. This could somehow be compounded with the sample rate/# of tracks you are running, but if you can get your hands on an interface with better latency-that would no doubt kill your problem. Any of Steinberg’s, RME’s, MOTU’s, or the Avid Mbox Pro would be beneficial to your situation.

what audio card is it , is it firewire ,usb ? what is your chipset is it VIA or TI ?

Thanks for all your comments, I’m now expecting at recording latency of 256 on my delta cards crackles throughout the take which i have recorded so on play back i have recorded crackles as well. Please help…