Using Mackie control pro C4 with nuendo

I would like to add a Mackie control C4 to my setup (with Mackie control pro + XT). But I am not sure if the C4 works correctly with Nuendo. I’ve read some reports that it is not really supported. Does anybody know if, and how to use a C4 with Nuendo? Could it be setup with the generic remote?


In the Device Setup, there is not dedicated Mackie Control C4 device to add. You can definitely use it as a Generic Remote Device.

I remember we used it in one studio. But we sold it. It doesn’t offer so much flexibility and usability, as Mackie Control and XT.

I did some research and it seems that you can program it using the “commander” utility, but you will have to manually edit an .xml file to define it’s parameters. And you will allways have to run the utility when using that setup. By default, the C4 only transmits sys.ex data and to program it to send CC data (which can be recognized by the generic remote) is a very complicated and time consuming task.

So I guess the C4 is a NO GO for me as a channel strip for Nuendo. Instead I will use the functionality of the V-pots on my Control Pro and XT units.