Using Maschine as a vst plug in with multiple midi channels

:confused: OK so I am using Maschine 1.7.2 as a plug in inside of Cubase 6. I already know how to set up the midi in Machine to route it into Cubase, but my question is does anyone know how to route it so that each sound can be on seperate midi tracks? Like perhaps a template can be set up to have 8-16 channels of midi seperately so hats can be on different track then Kick and snare, and so on. I would be so grateful for any insight. Thanks!

You could use the input transformer to filter out the notes for each track for realtime input for a number of MIDI tracks in real time. If you want to see all of the parts split up on the project window you could also choose to dissolve the part from the MIDI menu afterwards and select separate pitches.

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Check this out:

THANKS for the replies, and sorry for the late response. I been trying to figure out how to get this update from Cubase 6.06 to Cubase 6.5 I purchased working. It crashes on setup so I cannot get it going. I know XP is not supported with 6.5, but neither was 6 and i have been using that flawlessly for 2 years plus minus.
Anyway, thanks again for your input. I will let you know how it all shakes out eventually! :sunglasses: