Using Maschine to control Quick Controls?

I currently am out of extra midi knobs, but low and behold! A maschine sits near! But when I open up devices, Cubase/Nuendo will not learn the control knobs. Is it possible to use maschine for this purpose? Has anyone had success using it thus? Thanks!!



Do you use Maschine in MIDI mode? (Shift+Control on the NI Hardware) Otherwise this is not possible, because the knobs are exclusivly mapped to the Maschine Software. When using MIDI mode, just define the MIDI CCs and MIDI Channel you want to use with the NI Controller Editor and you’re fine :wink:

Cheers, Tomess

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve ventured into the Maschine-as-controller territory. I did put it in MIDI mode, and selected a new template when prompted for the setup style, but when I went to the Devices menu and selected learn, the knobs twisted on the Maschine did not have any effect within the software.

Let me see if I understand your process suggestion:

  1. MIDI mode.
  2. Select a blank template and assign each knob a particular CC (for instance, right now the first knob is CC14).
  3. Assign that particular CC to the Quick control (even if the program isn’t able to “learn” it)?

Let me know if I’m dropping the ball somewhere. I’ll give it a shot in a minute.