Using MCU Is it possible to control send levels by fader, allocating it to each channel..?

So, I have fader unit with me.
Set it as MCU and everything works fine (BCF 2000).
But I… just could not set it right for send level.

I would like to allocate each ‘fader’ to each track just like volume/panning option,
So I can ride with the song and ‘write’ automation of send levels for each track.

Would it be possible under MCU protocol on Cubase Pro 11…?
Or is it just limited on MCU itself?

I managed to ‘flip’ it and I can control fader 1 to adjust the send level of ‘send 1’ of track 1.
But I would love to control fader 2 for ‘send1’ of track 2.

Hope I made myself clear! Just could not find the answer anywhere :frowning:

SOLVED: For those who are wondering on Cubase,
[SHIFT] + [LAST] or [ASSIGN.2] Button will switch the ‘one-track’ focused send option
to GLOBAL setting meaning, each fader will control each track’s ‘send’ level.

Just awsome :slight_smile: