Using Media Bay and Disk Usage

So, I’ve been using Cubase 7.5.30 somewhat flawlessly for some time.

Recently I’ve been experiencing some serious issues with the Media Bay. At seemingly random times when browsing through samples in the Media Bay the preview wave image doesn’t load and the Disk Usage (seen in the task manager) on my PC (running windows 8) goes through the roof and seems to stick at a constant 50% (being taken up by the System process (no additional info is given as to what is actually going on)). This makes everything lag and basically I can’t produce like this what so ever.

I don’t have anything on the PC installed except for Cubase 7.5.30, a bunch of VST’s and a ton of audio samples.
The PC has not once been connected to the internet.

Anyone who may have any ideas why this is happening? I tried all sorts of things like disabling Windows search index and maintenance stuff and what not… but nothing worked, and it does it somewhat randomly when browsing the Media Bay only…

The PC is an Asus M11AD Desktop with an i7440s cpu, 8gb RAM and a 1tb Hard drive at 7200rpms.

Ask if there is any additional info needed to help and I’ll be sure to provide it! I’m not very tech savy so please forgive me for any relevant info I failed to provide.