Using Melodyne and vocalign together?

Just about to grab the demo for SynchroArts’ Vocalign Project3 as the price has been permanently slashed to quite an attractive point for many of us now.

I currently use Melodyne studio4 which is incredible and with which i can manually tighten up the timing and pitch of multiple tracks of backing vocals etc… pitch correction is a breeze with M4 but timing correction always needs to be done manually… i do a lot of funk/soul etc which many projects will have in excess of half a dozen backing vocals, harmonies and doubles mainly… having seen what vocalign can do timing wise i’m wondering if it’s best to time correct FIRST with this and then tighten pitch with M4 or vice versa?

I don’t currently have a project that hasn’t already been corrected to play with so wondering if anyone else has experience of using the two in conjunction?

Any tips/experiences most welcome!