Using METAGRID with Cubase 12

While the Generic Remotes will be going away, they aren’t gone yet. When I migrated from 11 the Generic Remotes for METAGRID did not follow. But if you create new Generic Remotes and Import the settings files (.xml) that you used in Cubase 11 it works just like before.

If you don’t recall where those setup files can be found - launch Cubase 11 and Export them to a known location.

Yes in C11, do all your exports. Open C12 and import. Everything worked perfectly iirc. PM sent to you.

By the way, shouldn’t you ave a 3rd Generic Remote for Metagrid?

Probably. I got METAGRID fairly early and the remotes were a bit different then. By the time they setup the current remote scheme I’d done some major editing on my remote setups so I just continued down that path rather than switching (and re-editing).

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Was just thinking of how Metagrid would work with the new system.

I’ll try setting this up tonight. Has anyone tried the new Metagrid Pro yet and know how that works?