Using metronomes in Cubase LE5

I am trying to record something using a condender microphone with XLR input, with a Tascam US122mkII. So far, that part works just fine.

However, I need the metronome to record. Again, this part works fine. The problem I am having is that the microphone picks up the metronome as it records, meaning I have it in the background on playback - I don’t mean that it runs in the program on playback (because I know how to disable that), I mean it actually gets picked up by the microphone and forms part of the audio track.

Is there a way I can have the metronome playing through headphones, attached to the Tascam, without it being recorded as audio? I’ve tried what seems to be the obvious method, but no matter what I do, the metronome continues to play through the speakers and get recorded. I have even tried doing the recording in Audacity, which does allow you to send the metronome through the headphones, but it STILL gets picked up by the Tascam and gets recorded.

Sorry if this is a noob question but I’m really getting quite frustrated by this. (I should also point out that I am a bit of a noob when it comes to recording audio… :wink: )

If you only have a single combined output level knob on your interface for both headphones and line/monitor out you will need to physically turn down/off your monitors while recording with headphones. Otherwise, obviously, the mic is going to pick up whatever it “hears” in the background.