Using MIDI controller 64 sustain ?

Hi all;

New to this site. Former logic user (since Atari/Notator) and really enjoying Cubase 6 on my Windows 7 64bit machine.

Hope i can explain my dilemma:

Been messing around with a song using various ambient types of pads. I recorded them by holding down the sustain pedal on the keyboard, playing a chord, and letting it ‘ringout’ for about 5 minutes.

playback is fine IF I start the song at bar 1, but if I want to add something by starting at, say, bar 8, there is nothing there because the original chord was started at the very beginning and is being prolonged by the sustain pedal.

What would you all do to correct this? Is there an obvious answer I’m not seeing here?

I want to keep the nice groove of the sustained pads, but there’s no real midi events except the original chord and the sustain (CC64) pedal.



Oh, forgot to mention: the pads are on various VST instruments, not audio.



Try to use MIDI > Functions > Pedals to Note Length menu.

This function scans for sustain pedal on/off events, lengthens the affected notes to match the sustain pedal off position, and then removes the Sustain Controller on/off events.


Thank you Martin; will try it out.



It works like a dream !! Thank you!