Using midi from keyboard on Cubase Pro 9

I have a Yamaha Motif XS6 I purchased back in 2008 that have music I’ve composed on it. I want to know if Cubase Pro 9 will allow me to connect USB to host (from the keyboard) and still play my music or midi sounds directly on Cubase Pro 9. I’m hearing that Cubase Pro 9 is a 64-bit only application and wondering if will cause any complications or prevent me from using my keyboard with Cubase Pro 9.

It should work without issue. Until about a month ago I was exclusively using an old Yamaha PSR38 I purchased for my kids back in 1990. I still would be using it if not for a few keys that finally failed.

However I did read somewhere (probably on this forum) where a few had issues using the latest Yamaha USB Midi driver so I would try using the standard computer USB midi driver first to see if it works. If so, just use it. If not, then install the newest driver.

Regards :sunglasses: