Using MIDI Logical Editor, how do I select all notes that *start* in the first beat?

With the MIDI Logical Editor I understand how to select all the notes contained in the first beat, but how do I select the notes that start in the first beat instead?

You mean with Inside/Outside Bar Range? The start position is the position.

So when param 1=0 and param 2= 1 will get notes starting on the first tick.

Doing that only gets me notes that start and end within that blue window.

Then you’ll have to be more specific. I understood Position | Inside Bar Range

Not sure how to be more specific. I am looking to get the MIDI Logical Editor to select all the notes that start on the first beat, not just start and end (in other words contained) within the first beat. If the note is a half-note that starts on the first beat, I would like it be selected along with any other note that starts on the first beat.

The Filter Target I mentioned above only tests for the position, without regard to length.