Using MIDI Remote API along with McKie protocol

Hi all
I am writing a javascript program so that my HW control surface (MCU-clone) handles most buttons using McKie virtual controller in Cubase, except a few ones that shall be handled by my script. While this works ok using the graphic interface and the mapping assistant, when I bind certain buttons/knobs in my javascript program, the commands are sent to both my script destinations (which is good) AND to the McKie emulator in Cubase (which is bad, and different from what happens when using the graphic and mapping assistants, as said above).
Can someone please confirm ? Is that a bug ? Is there a workaround ? Thanks !


What do you mean by this, please?

Sorry. Wrong wording… I mean this :


Oh, I see. You cannot use both of them at the same time. It’s not designed like this.

OK… Then I need a way to emulate the MCU with the API… Is that even possible ?


Yes, it is. There are already done attempts. Myself, I’m working on the Mackie C4 script. Lots of code is very similar to the Mackie MCU.

I’d be happy to modify it to be fully compatible with the MCU protocol (and more) and make it public…
Would it be possible to get an alpha version asap ? I could be an alpha tester…


C4 is a bit different from MCU and I have a tester already.

But yes, I’m happy to work on the MCU too. Let’s connect via PM here. :wink: