Using MIDI to bypass/control VST effect??

I want to tap on my PD controller and have it bypass an insert, or control a parameter of one particular insert. Can it be done?

Are VST Quick Controls for VST instruments only?
or using Track Controls… is this how I would do this?
I tried, futz with, achieved some things, but ultimately came up short of my goal.
I want to control a VST effect through hardware, somehow.


afaik Yes it can be done - easiest way by using quick controls. Track quick controls.
Key to this is that you have to be aware that the assignment of the QC to insert paramenters can only be done as soon as the insert is in its place.

Ah, excellent. That works.
Now, how about for plugins in the Control Room?
I have a room modeler on an insert, for use with headphones… in this case I have it in the headphone insert section (not in the main control room insert section.) I’d like to be able to bypass it using Quick Controls.

Maybe this is a feature request?

This kind of plugin doesn’t work so good on the stereo bus because it also switches to mono when you listen in mono. That plugin needs to stay stereo to keep the room simulation happening. So I put it in the Control Room, on the final headphone insert. But I find myself constantly wanting to switch off the room modeling, to listen to a regular old headphone mix. And even more frequently, I’m wanting to switch which speakers are being simulated inside the plugin - the nearfield or far ones. Controlling that via quick controls would be very, very helpful. This is the Abbey Road Studios 3 plugin by Waves. Quite an amazing bit of tech with the head tracking, I must say.

Track controls with this plugin used on the Stereo Buss works fine… except, of course, that the Stereo Buss needs to be selected for the track control to work… which makes it not nearly as useful.

so I guess I’m looking for a way to control the inserts in the control room using a key command, basically… Remote control devices can control any part of Cubase that is listed in the key commands area. I have the volume in the control room assigned to a midi device. It would be nice if all inserts inside of Cubase were listed in the key commands area. I don’t see that.