using midi toggle for soloing monitor speakers with generic


I’m setting up a generic remote for controlling “control room”. One of the thigns i would like to do is solo invidual speakers. Is it possible with Nuendo 5.1.1 to set this?

Thanks in advance.


Ha, found it as i pressed submit.
Instead of going to device=VST Control ROom, you go to command as device, and then go to category “Control room” .

A bit weird place ot put it but all good anyways :wink:

and annoying its only push buttons for commands. now i cant read the current state on my device.

Hmm… What device are you using?

Unfortunately the documentation on this is woefully inadequate. With the potential this functionality has within Cubendo one would think they’d write something super-clear so that people could take advantage of it properly… [/rant]

Anyways, I’ve got the Behringer BCR2000 and I have had problems with reading “current state” on it, but I solved it somehow. I just can’t remember how. Let me know more specifically what your device is and exactly what you’re routing it to in the setup (what settings) and maybe I can help…

hi thanks,

I’m running iPad with liine’s Lemur (former JazzmutantLemur). so a bit hard to say what my setup is exctly as its a moving target. However im blogging about my patch here:
so you can check it out there (need to upload a more current template this weeekend)