Using mod wheel

Can anyone explain to me how to stop the mod wheel triggering something on one program while i use it on another? I am using a multi program that has a piano layer and an organ layer. I want to use the mod wheel to mute and unmute the organ as needed while leaving the piano unaffected. At the moment when I use the wheel it does mute the organ correctly but it’s also like pressing a soft pedal on the piano part and I don’t want this. Can I change the mod wheel from a global setting to just the sound I want it to affect?

I could be wrong about your problem, but I can suggest two possible solutions.

1) If you by “layer” mean different programs in the slot rack, try this:
If the programs in the Slot Rack are assigned to the same MIDI channel they will all receive the same information. If so, change each program to work on different channels (A1 to A16). The next thing to do is adding one MIDI track for every program in the Slot Rack and make sure they are working on a corresponding MIDI channel (1 to 16).

2) If you by “layer” mean two different layers within a program, try this:
In the program tree, select the piano layer.
Click the Zone tab and scroll down to the Modulation Matrix
Look through the slots to see if the Mod Wheel is assigned as a source to any Destination (ie Filter Cutoff).
If you find the mod wheel in a Source/Modifier slot, then either set the blue depth control in mid position (zero) or remove the assignment.

Hope this helps.