Using more than 4 midi sends

Hello people, any way to be able to use more than just 4 MIDI sends?
I saw a post where one response was to send the midi to another midi track but I suspect it is not possible, any ideas?

Hey are you on Mac?

No i am on pc

Damn, unfortunately I only know a solution on Mac :frowning: Sorry

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Why do you suspect it not to be possible to send MIDI from a send to another track and then use 4 MIDI sends there as well?

One way I know and use frequently…

Use a virtual port. If you’re on Windows and don’t already have one check out loopMIDI.

Set the output of a MIDI track (or one of the sends) to your new Virtual port.

Now you can bring this virtual port into any, and as many new tracks as you like. Arm them as needed to get a passthrough.

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bc I don’t see any midi channel when i open the output menu

Oh yeah, I recall it now. It only works for midi ports, not for tracks.
Well, as Brian said, you can install a virtual midi port. Otherwise it is not possible.

I guess Ontrei wanted to suggest the same thing, on Mac such a virtual MIDI port is already part of the OS.

That would be correct. Sadly not in this case.