Using MR816x as adat do I Need to install drivers?

Because I can get the MR816 not working anymore with my new PC I was thinking about using it with adat connected to an RME soundcard.
Do I need to install drivers for the MR816x when I want to use it in this way or is it enough to connect digital in and out to the RME?

I believe you would need the CueMix Console installed so you can set the unit to ADAT on Setup Page under Digital I/O. External FX box. Make sure that box is set to ADAT. Only way to know for sure is to try it. You would also need the software to set the clock as well if needed

Just found it out you have to make the correct settings in the MR editor after that I can use it as a adat device and use it again with my new pc

I am about to do nearly the same with my MR816 CSX, i.e. using as an ADAT AD converter for my new Apollo Twin MkII which has an ADAT input.

Did you manage to make it work? Do you need any other software than Steinberg’s package for MR816?