Using multiple audio cards / interfaces without ASIO

Hi all,
Is there any way of using separate interfaces for playback and recording ?
I want to playback the audio on some USB headphones and record audio using the Creative Audigy card I have.
Problem is that Cubase does not “see” the USB interface, unless I use ASIO4ALL, and I can’t use BOTH devices at the same time, one for recording and one for playback.
In Audacity it was easy to select the IN device and the OUT device from the dropdown list.

I do not use ASIO, so I don’t need any ASIO at all.
This is a major limitation for me, as I need separate devices for IN and OUT in the same time.

So is there a way for Cubase to just use the devices that I have installed on my system ?

Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

I’m sorry, there is no other way.

Thanks Martin,
What a shame … I really liked Cubase …
Time to give Ableton a try.